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Cryto Genesis Xapo Bitcoin is a Free Bitcoin faucet. A Bitcoin faucet is a website that offer its users small amounts of Bitcoins for doing nothing. Normally you have to enter your Bitcoin address and a captcha (to prevent bots) and get paid.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is rapidly gaining popularity because it solves many of the problems of other forms of currency. It's created and held electronically and can be used to buy goods and services or transfer money anywhere in the world. Bitcoin is the first currency to be globally accepted and there is no currency exchange, no minimums, no limits and it does not require a bank account.

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A faucet or tap is a website that gives small fractions or satoshis of Bitcoin. Bitcoin arise in the world to promote the currency, making it accessible and putting it into circulation. A resource for those who are initiated and after creating your wallet can start managing Bitcoin.

Are financed through advertising and through donations, not forget that both solidarity and altruism is quite common among the Bitcoin community.

Each faucet is different, depending on the creator of it. You can find different types of Antiboot that are nothing more than patterns to follow to unlock the button to claim your reward. These patterns are used to make sure you're not a robot, but a person.

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We will Instant and Direct pay to your Wallet Xapo account.

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